Manage loans. Not deliveries.

Delivering jewellery safely is not an easy job. But it doesn’t have to be your job.  We understand the difficulties you face when offering at-home convenience and safety together. That’s where we help you and your customers.

Place an order the way you always do
Once an order is placed, the delivery executive reaches the pick-up location within 60 minutes.
Enter your OTP on the device
You will receive an OTP on your phone. Unlock the secure device by entering the OTP on the device’s keypad. Place your package inside and close the device. Then relax.
Track your package
After picking up the package, the delivery executive travels to the receiver’s location.
In transit, you can track the location of your package in real-time.
Receive your parcel stress-free
After the delivery executive reaches the drop location, unlock the device by entering the OTP received on the receiver’s phone and retrieve your package stress-free.

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Save valuable time

Utilise your loan manager’s time doing what she does best: vet jewelry and process loans. We handle the deliveries.

Increase no. of jewelry vetted by upto 50%

Avoid unnecessary costs

Save every rupee spent on loan manager’s salary for transporting.

Have complete control

Avoid any fraud that may happen like underreporting gold values and then scraping off in transit.

Such frauds go unnoticed for years until the gold is returned

That’s not all. We go beyond.

Value the customer’s emotional experience

Monetary value of jewelry can be replaced, but what about the emotional value?

End ineffecient mishandling of customer’s jewelry and enhance customer experience

Why wait for something bad to happen?

Still relying on post-fact measures like insurance? Claims are not always settled the way we want them to.

Though we have insurance, we rely on  technology

All control is yours

The devil is in the details. Get detailed information at all times in the transit chain like proof of delivery, time stamps, and more.

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