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How long will it take for the pickup?

Our delivery partners will reach the pick-up location within 60 mins. But that’s just the max. He / she can reach sooner!

Can I choose my OTP?

No, we generate random OTPs on the backend and SMS it to you.

Does the receiver receive same OTP?

No, she receives a different random OTP generated by us and sent to her by SMS.

Do I enter the OTP on the App?

No. The OTP is entered on the device’s keypad.

What if I don't receive an OTP?

That’s very unlikely! However, wait for 5 minutes in case you don’t receive an OTP. If you haven’t received it even after 5 minutes, chat with us.

I forgot to press "Lock Door".

Dont worry. Your package is still secure.

What if I need to send bigger items?

The delivery executive carries an extra bag in which you could place bigger items. Note that packages placed in the bag are not secured by the device.

How big is the device?

11*7*11 (L*B*H) in inches.

What are the items that fit

You could fit anything from mobile phones to laptops. Refer to this image to get an understanding with scale.

What are the items that I can send?

Anything, really. (But nothing illegal!) Check our Terms & Conditions.

I just need to use your device. Can I?

Yes. Head over to the Subscriptions page to know more!

How do I place an order?

Go to Or you can also download our App.

Do you offer COD?

Currently, we do not offer COD.

Will I get a notification after placing an order?

Yes, we will notify you via e-mail and SMS.

Do I get to edit after I place an order?

Do I get to edit after I place an order?

How can I track my Order?

You can track your order in our web / mobile app.

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