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Frequently Asked Questions.

How long will it take for the pickup?

Our delivery partners will reach the pick-up location within a MAX. of 60 mins. But that’s just the max. Our data shows an average pick-up time of 23 mins, and we're just getting better!

What if I need to send bigger items?

The delivery executive carries an extra bag in which you could place bigger items. Note that packages placed in the bag are not secured by the device.

What if the Delivery Partner absconds with my package?

Glad you asked! This is a highly unlikely situation and here's why:
1. All deliveries are undertaken within 2 hours.
2. Device is always on and cannot be turned off manually.
3. Track the delivery executive AND the device during transit.
4. Background verified delivery executives - residential and criminal verification.
5. You can also get your items insured through us.
6. Many more checks and balances that we couldn't explain it all here!

Is insurance available for personal use?

Unfortunately, insurance is currenly only available to Business Accounts.

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