Our delivery model doesn’t work for your operations? We still got you.

Subscribe to just our proprietary devices and the technology along with it.

Have your own delivery fleet?

Secure your deliveires yourself by subscribing to our IoT devices

Are you a logistics business?

Start offering secure deliveries to your customers.

More than just a delivery.

No ifs or buts

Get every transit insured if you’re a business. That too at market-leading premium rates.

Though any untoward incident is highly unlikely, we are committed to provide full support from claim application to settlement.

Verification before trust

Our delivery partners are not verified by just documents.

We conduct a thorough residential and criminal verification for every delivery partner before they undertake their first delivery.

Click here to see our process.

Technology > Process

Easy-to-use APIs integration
Android / iOS / Web App
IoT-enabled devices
OTP based unlocking

Know when, where, and how

Track in real time the location of the delivery executive. That’s not all. The device can also be separately tracked in transit.

There’s more. Have complete visibility over door lock status, time of lock/unlock, digital proof of delivery, and more.

Secure your products in transit

Transit is the single point of failure for most security issues.

Not anymore. Deliver your items with utmost security and comfort.

Have complete control

GPS tracking is not enough.

With Gordian, have complete visibility with detailed transit history, digital proof of delivery, and more.

Have complete control

Avoid any fraud that may happen like underreporting gold values and then scraping off in transit.
Such frauds go unnoticed for years until the gold is returned

If you are you a Logistics business

Expand your offering

Grab the high-value items transit market. Offer more than just deliveries.

Differentiate yourself from competition

Add those customers you couldn’t before

Convert the customers who shy away from using your services due to security concerns.

Show them you care.

All control is yours

The devil is in the details. Get detailed information at all times in the transit chain like proof of delivery, time stamps, and more.